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Moisture curing bandage




Moisture-curing, self-curing bandage (fiberglass) "Alfacast-tech", Russia

The Alfacast-tech bandage is made of fiberglass impregnated with polyurethane resin. hardening of the bandage occurs after contact with water.

When exposed to moisture or water on the bandage, a chemical reaction occurs, leading to the hardening of the material. The bandage after hardening is lightweight, durable, waterproof.

It is well modeled - repeating the contours of the object as accurately as possible, reliably forms a reinforcing layer.

Hardening time: - from 3 to 7 minutes, color: black

Pack: 5 layers, including nylon, polyethylene and foil; residual shelf life: at least 2 years.
size: 10 cm x 1.5 m
size: 10 cm x 3.6 m
size: 7 cm x 3.6 m
size: 7 cm x 1.5 m

All products are certified according to the requirements of large enterprises.

The product is the equivalent of moisture-curing bandages and does not differ in properties and installation method.




Alfacast-Tech technical self-curing polymer bandages (hereinafter referred to as “bandages”, “products”) are intended for use as reinforcing material for rigid fixation:

- at installation of cable couplings;

- to connect pipe segments and repair damage on their surface;

- for the mechanical protection of connectors and other elements of electrical and radio devices during their open installation or when laying in the ground.

Bandages are a disposable product.



Each bandage is packaged in a sealed individual package - a foil bag.

The shelf life of the product in individual packaging is 24 months.

Products are made in black.

The bandages are impregnated with polyurethane resin, which hardens when moisture enters.

The formation of a stable form in the bandage occurs 3-7 minutes after soaking the product in water from 0 + 50˚C. (depending on the temperature of the water, the temporary characteristics of solidification may vary).

It is possible to use the product in an ambient temperature range of -40 to 45 ° C.

Prior to use, the product must not be subjected to mechanical stress.

Technical bandages are not fire hazardous and do not have a harmful effect on the environment. Bandages are not sources of dangerous and harmful production factors.

Instructions for use.

Protective gloves must be worn before using the bandage, as the resin may adhere to the skin.

Choose a bandage of the required width and prepare the required number of packages. Only open one package at a time, since air humidity initiates the hardening process.

Immerse the roll of bandage in water at room temperature (from 0 to + 50 ° C) for 5-10 seconds and squeeze the roll 3-5 times under water.

The product can be used without immersion in water, in which case curing occurs after about 20 minutes. For ease of installation, you can apply water from the spray gun to the required areas.

The bandage must be applied within 3-7 minutes after opening the package. The activated solidification process after this time does not allow further formation of the dressing.

Wrap the bandage in a spiral, blocking the previous layers with half or two third of the width of the bandage used. Do not twist the bandage when applying.

To ensure even layering of the layers and their tight bonding, it is necessary to smooth and straighten the bandage on the surface.

The product can be loaded after 20-25 minutes after application.

Re-use (use) of the used product is not allowed.